Pursuing Financial Freedom

6 min readJan 16, 2021

In this blog I wanted to talk about obtaining financial freedom. I’m fascinated by the concept of financial freedom, and I think about it frequently. It drives me, it motivates me, and right now, I am on a quest right now for financial freedom.

I want to make the case as to why you should start your own quest towards financial freedom as well.

What does financial freedom mean to you? Does it mean that you care more about money than anything else? Does it mean that you are trying to prove something? Does it mean that you are greedy?

In my opinion, I would argue that the answer to all of those questions is no. To me, obtaining financial freedom has nothing to do with any of those things.

Financial freedom can mean different things to different people depending on who you ask, but my definition of financial freedom is achieving a level of financial success, and to a point, a large enough number in your bank account, so that you would never have to work another day in life if you chose to do so.

Of course, if I came across a large enough sum of money that allowed me to retire today, I wouldn’t just quit working, or give up on my purpose in life. But it would certainly free up my life so that I could spend my time on the things that I greatly value.

If you want to achieve financial freedom as badly as I do, I think it’s extremely important to define what you value in this life.

So why do I value the idea of financial freedom so much? Well, for one, I place great value on being able to spend time with my family. Working a 9–5 job keeps me from spending time with the people that I love.

It also limits my ability to explore new things in life, such as traveling or experiencing the unique and exciting things that this life has to offer.

There is nothing wrong with a 9–5 job at the end of the day, but there is nothing particularly special about it either.

I want the option to be able to go to Disney World with the family without having to make sure that I have enough paid time saved up, or enough money in my bank account.

I want to be able to head back to Minnesota where I grew up, and where my parents, friends, and family live, so…




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